Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weird Thrift Shop Goodies -- October Edition

Thrift shop goodies come in all shapes and sizes, and my house has ENOUGH of them, thanks very much. But some cannot be left only to memory, they need to be photographed and shared.

An Economic Horse -- who else but an economist would paint a Scandanavian horse with sigmas, ampersands, percent signs and a round thing that looks like an "e"? And then put glasses on it? Must be one of Paul Krugman's grade school art projects, a rare find!

An infinity mirror. Whosoever has seen it need not know anything else about the 70s.

Snake saint. When I saw this figurine on the shelf, I knew it must be some kind of saint. But, two snakes? Thank heaven her name was on the base -- she is Saint Verdiana, a recluse who lived in a sealed cell for her whole adult life with only two snakes for company. Apparently when she died the people at the monastery tried to catch the snakes, one got away, and the other's skeleton is still at the monastery.

It's nearly Hallowe'en, but I am most scared by whoever designed this legitimately scary Samurai Witch.

Bee Box -- not very weird, but pretty, this gold paper box has an exquisitely molded bee on the top.

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