Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vote Strategically -- thank heavens for this website

I want to vote strategically. In my riding the colour is solid orange, nothing else comes close. So if I were voting strategically I could vote NDP and ensure they keep their seat if I really hate the other contender and dread being the one to upset the vote. Or I could vote for any of the others and give them a bit of a lagniappe of vote numbers and federal funding, even if I actually liked my NDP representative.

If I were a lone Green in a Conservative riding, my vote would not affect the Conservative seat, but would give the Greens some brownie points and a smidgen of federal money in the following years.

But how do I know what strategy is most likely to achieve what I want? Or know how close a contest it is in my riding?

Here's a site that gives you a head's up on parties' past performance and minute by minute poll standings in your riding, and how that might effect your choice moving the federal government as a whole in the direction you think is right.

Here's their video.

Democrasy. We has it, one pixl at a time.

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